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One-Time Support

Are you facing issue with your server? or your application has encounter a bug? We provide One-Time support to troubleshoot and fix your issue. Reach out to us for more details.

Application Performance Optimisation

We can optimise your application and improve the response time by analysing the language and introducing different level of caching and removing unnecessary overhead from your application.

Server Security Optimisation

Do you want to fully optimise your server security? Optimising your server security will help you protect from malware, spam, and hackers. Reach out to us and we will guard your server..

Resource Forecasting

Most of the time we pay for resources that we are not using. We forecast the resources usage and make changes so you pay for what you use.

Team Training

Want a in-house team who can support your application or want your new hire to get acquainted with your server. We will train your Team or Individual with proper schedule and world class training ethics.

Server Design Transformation

Not reaching your application’s full potential? Not able to introduce a new feature because your stack doesn’t support it. We are here for you.


One-Time Support

$60 Per Hour


Email Blacklist Remediation

Hacking Recovery and Prevention

Server and Application Performance Optimization

Server Checkup


Support and Training

$80 Per Hour

Everything from One-Time Support

Staff and Individual Training

Customize Schedule

Complete Documentation

Support Availability in the Training Period

About Us

We have team of experts who are certified trainers with more then 10 years of experience, covering fields like Server Administration, DevOps, Mobile and Web Development.

Php developer

Linux and Windows Experts

All Linux and Windows Flavors on AWS, GCE, Digital Ocean etc.
Graphic Designer

Mobile and Web Developers

From PHP, HTML5 to Android IOS development.
Lead designer

Automation Experts

Ansible, Puppet, Chef, We can Automate any tasks for you.
Social media

Monitoring Masters

Zabbix, Sensu, Prometheus, We will not leave any corner, everything will be monitored.

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